A study conducted in the United States by an independent institution showed that there are over 70 million pets’ owners. The biggest challenge that most pet’s owners face is keeping their home clean. Many pet owners usually limit their pet’s movement to only a few or even a single room to prevent them from making the house untidy. However, that option is not recommended by experts because you will not only deprive the pet the companionship that it deserve; you will affect it psychologically. If you have a single pet, then keeping your house clean may be a bit simple, however, if you have multiple pets, then it can be a challenge to keep you house clean. The good news is that keeping a home clean with pets is very easy if you follow the below-mentioned tips.Clean 03

1. Ensure that your pets are regularly brushed.

If you have pets in your home, then it is very important always to ensure that they are regularly brushed. Veterinarians recommend this procedure because it helps to reduce the amount of fur both in the air and on the ground. Ideally you should brush your pet at least three times a week. When brushing your pet, do it outside to minimize excess hair from spilling inside the house.

2. Vacuum your carpets and rugs on a regular basis.

No matter how careful you maybe when brushing your pet’s hair, some of them will end up on your floor. The number of times to vacuum your carpet and rug will depend on the number of pets you keep in your house.

3. Clean your pet as soon as possible.

Clean 02The mistake that many pets’ owners do is allowing their pets mess to accumulate for a long period. If you want to keep your house clean, then don’t allow your pets mess to remain untouched for long because it will build up and become more difficult to get rid of later. Also, if you don’t clean up the mess soon, you will send the wrong message to the pet because it will think that it is actually doing the right thing and will be encouraged to repeat. When cleaning up your pet’s mess, don’t use ammonia because ammonia based cleaners have the similar scent as that of pet’s urine, a factor that will send a mixed signal to the pet.

4. Give your pet a location.

You must invest in a good bed to give your pet a permanent location. When your pet learns to enjoy its bed and the area around that bed, it will more likely to sit in that particular location. If you train your pet well, it will learn to spend more time in his bed meaning that it will spend less time on your carpet and furniture.