If your savings are finally ready for a vacation to Hawaii or maybe Bali, you might as well bring another suitcase for a shopping spree and souvenirs. Holidays are fun but make sure you read these crucial things to do before you leave your house, in case you’re going for quite a long time. Happy holiday!

lkasjdlksPut your mail and newspaper on hold

If you’re going on a trip that lasted more than three days, it might be a good idea to put your letters and paper on hold. An overstuffed mailbox is something you want to avoid when you go back home, as it might alarm everyone that you’re not at home, and yes burglars are included as well.


Throw away some stuff from your fridge

Foods that expires in a few days should be given away or thrown away; you don’t want to come home after an exhausting trip only to clean your dirty and smelly fridge as soon as you get back.

kjhsklds80Take a picture and make copies

Insurances needed pictures for proofs if there’s an accident, burglary or natural disasters, so make sure you take all the photo you need for documentation in case the company asked for proof. While you’re taking the pictures, might as well make copies of your important documents (especially passports)as well, make two copies of your documents just to be safe. If you live in las vegas and need help with insurance or restoration service, consider checking out water damage repair las vegas for professional services.

Unplug everything

To avoid accidents or a suddenly swollen electricity bill, it might be a good idea to unplug everything and just keep the crucial electronics plugged in; by doing this, you are saving yourself energy and money.

Consider buying a timer for your lamps

Just like before, if you don’t want people to know you’re away for quite some time, consider buying a timer for your lights, so it’ll turn on at night and off in the morning. It might cost you, but the money is worth more on the timer instead of burglars knowing you’re not at home.

Make a checklist of what to bring and to doajshdksjlh

Don’t forget to make a list of what to do that includes bringing money, passport, chargers, tickets, personal medications, and more.

tip: booking a cab for the morning might be a good idea, it’ll save you the hassle and your taxi will already be waiting for you.

Those are the things we suggest you do before you leave your house, make sure you do these things and have a happy holiday!