Most people think that tree care is all about caring for an already grown tree. Proper tree care starts even before the tree has been planted. It requires good planning since trees grow best when they are planted in order. The first few years of the tree development is critical as it will affect the strength, life span, and even the shape that the tree will take. For more information on tree care, visit this tree care resource. The following are some of the tree care tips.

Best tips

Planting new trees

The best duration of planting trees is during the dormant season. You should, therefore, schedule and plan the klpmbhgfdplanting of your trees before the buds appear after the leaves drop in late autumn or before the buds appear in the early spring. This is because, under the cool conditions, the plants have a chance to grow deep roots before the rains.

The warmer temperatures usually encourage growth. When planting a new tree, there are certain factors like the geographical location, the size of the fully grown tree, and the characteristics of the species should be considered as well.

Pruning the tree

The pruning of the tree is usually performed between the late summer and late spring. However, the best time to prune the trees is when they grow lots of branches, and they begin looking untidy. You can also prune them shortly after they have bloomed but it should be before the buds have set.

Trees should be pruned when there is a reason to perform this procedure. Pruning removes the oldest branches, the dead wood, and the leggy stems just but to mention a few. Depending on the type of tree, shearing can also be done.

Property value

jkjkjkjkjjkjIt is important to note that proper tree care helps you maximize returns on your investments and also protects your home value. Landscaping is one way that the developers in the real estate industry are using to increase the value of homes.

While the trees are growing, the will need consistent maintenance and regular inspections that will be aimed at addressing the health of the tree. Having healthy trees will no doubt increase the value of your property.

Mulching and fertilization

Mulching and fertilizing are the other tips that should be applied to the trees. Trees just like the other plants require essential nutrients to function and grow. Certain places usually have less of these nutrients. By adding fertilizer, you will provide these nutrients to your trees.