A fire pit has many advantages i.e. it is easy to clean, a fire pit does not require installation, and it is portable. You may even decide to permanently have the fire pit on the outdoor for the warmth and beauty. A fire pit is also affordable. For more information on fire pit accessories visit http://www.exoticpebblesandglass.com/fire-pit-accesories/.

Fire pits are available in many shapes, styles, and sizes. When considering one for your backyard space look at the fire pit versus the space available, then select the most appropriate fire pit. Below are some of the factors to consider when selecting the fire pit:

Pick a style

hgghhhgghnjkkmThe style of the fire pit is a personal choice. Depending on the backyard space available, if you have enough room in the outdoor you are better off choosing a square fire pit that is motionless, by doing so you will create a center spot and decorate the rest of the backyard based on the center spot. If the space in the yard is limited, you may consider choosing a fire pit that is round and easy to move around as you may keep shifting its location based on the room available.

Know the dimensions

Fire pits have diameters that range from twenty inches to forty-five inches. The larger ones range between thirty-nine to forty-six inches, and the smaller ones are between nineteen to twenty-six inches. The fire pits that have a bowl on the inside are usually the smaller ones, this feature of having a bowl make them more suitable for courtyards and surfaces.

Decide on fuel

Fire pits either use wood or gas. It is, therefore, crucial to take action on the fuel type you want to adopt as it will determine many other choices. Wood is a cheaper option to propane tanks. Fire pits that use propane tanks can also be used as a grill. Fire pits that use wood are appropriate as they eventually look like campfires and smell like campfires too!

Keep materials in mind

jkkmmnbccxxzdsFire pits are made of many materials, copper, tile, stainless steel and stone. If you are looking to have an immovable fire pit, then the stone is the most preferred option as it is the heaviest and stable, a rock is also the most appropriate for square holes. A for stainless steel fire pits they are rust and rain resistant and also very easy to clean. However, they are expensive compared to their counterparts. As for tile as a material, it is used for decorative purposes on smaller fire pits it is also fireproof like a fire pit made of stone.