Many people choose to sell their home privately without involving the services of a real estate agent.The reason for selling your house privately may be different, but the truth is it’s possible to sell it privately.

Selling a house privately is quite involving because you have to take up all the tasks that should be done by a realtor. This involves services like pricing, negotiating, marketing the home and also looking for an attorney to seal the deal. This is not a difficult thing as long as you are prepared to do it by yourself.

Why sell a house privately?

Save on commissions

Using a real estate agent means that you will have to pay some amount of money for the services of a realtor. For many realtors, the commission is usually a certain percentage of the total amount of the property.

This is a lot of money especially if you are selling a high-value property. Sometimes it is easier to save on the amount by selling the house privately without any other third parties.

Avoid agency agreements

When you decide to go the real estate way of selling the property, then you have to bfjdhfgdsjfgdhgse ready to sign an agreement with different realtors.

This gives them the authority to sell your property, and they will be paid for that at the end of the day. The realtors are paid whether the estate agents make a successful sale or not. This is not fair to the person selling the property.

Open communication between buyer and seller

When using the services of a realtor, you have not direct interaction with a buyer. This is because the realtor is making a sell on your behalf. When a real estate agent is making a sell for you, he/she has the power to make decisions on your behalf, and you cannot come in between.

Selling your property privately, on the other hand, gives you the freedom of communication between you and the buyer. This means you can do all the negotiations and adjustments whenever you need.

Get the deal that you want

A real estatejsgdfjhgfgsjdfs agent makes a sale on your behalf, and this means that whatever he/she decides goes. This means that your property can be sold at a lower price or at an agreement that you wouldn’t wish.

The beauty of selling your home privately is the fact that you decide on the deal that you want. You will only sell the property when you think that it is favorable for you.